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If you are unable to join us in-person for Sunday service, you may view livestream on the church's Facebook page:

St. Luke United Methodist Church-Sykesville, MD 

(See Facebook icon in bottom, right corner)



We ask that you keep pastor Young in your prayers as he will be away on much needed Sabbatical leave beginning 1/1/24-2/18/24. Send an email to the church email address on the Contact Us page or leave a message on the church phone if you require pastoral care. Someone will contact you upon receipt of the message(s).

We will be blessed to hear from the Lord by his servants: Rev. Dr. R. Lorraine Brown-Cross, Rev. Dawn Hand, Brother John Green, Sister Tracey Norris-Black, and Sister Aften Johnson during this timeframe.

Join us each Sunday for a blessed service.

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Mid-Week Bible Study 

Join us for the Bible Study series, "Journey Through the Gospels" every Wednesday, 7 p.m. via Zoom, continuing in 2024 as we continue our study with the Gospels.  For all who are interested in joining, please leave your information (full name and email address) in the Contact Us page via the church office email. You will be added to the email distribution list and provided the Zoom links. 

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